Rustic Chicken Slow Cooker Stew

Rustic Chicken Slow Cooker Stew, a hearty dish that the whole family will enjoy. Tender chicken, carrots, potatoes in a thick sauce, perfect combination.

Yield: 4-5 servings


1.5 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 medium onion, wedged
2 cups baby carrots
1/2 cup water
1 T. Lawry's Seasoned Salt
2 t parsley flakes
1/2 t ground black pepper

1.5 lbs red skinned potatoes, halved
3 T cornstarch
1/2 cup milk


  1. Place chicken, seasonings & all vegetables into slow cooker. Cook on low 6 hours.
  2. Visit for full instructions.

***FREEZER MEAL INSTRUCTIONS: Place chicken, seasonings, carrots & onions into gallon-sized freezer bag. Thaw overnight in refrigerator. Dump bag into slow cooker, add potatoes. Cook on low 6 hours. Whisk cornstarch into milk, stir into slow cooker and cook 15 additional minutes on high.***

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